Moviemoxie presents Wondercon 2024
On 29/03/2024
This event was featured at Anaheim Convention Center.

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Everyone’s favorite Good Guy with a killer secret is back, and this time Chucky and pals are invading the White House!

So of course the genius madman behind the franchise that is now Chucky’s world, Don Mancini, was the first to be ushered onstage, to a round of fanatical applause and raucous cheers! Then came the actual actors for the beloved TV show – Zachary Arthur as Jake Wheeler, who originally found Chucky in this TV series; Bjorgvin Arnarson as Devon Evans, Jake’s partner; Alyvia Alyn Lind as Lexy, who began as a bully and is now somehow part of the Gang; Jackson Kelly as newcomer Grant Collins, eldest son of the President; Devon Sawa as the President of the United freaking States James Collins, and of course everyone’s favorite iconic bad girl with a huge if murderous heart, Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany!

Almost immediately, since it was confirmed apparently the day before or something, Don Mancini announced to the delighted audience that yes, he is working on a brand new Chucky feature film. No, we don’t have any more information than that at this time, isn’t that enough?! Moving on!

Mancini went on to gleefully dole out to the audience that Brad Dourif himself, would be returning for a guest spot on the show, to play the ghost of our favorite nut job, Charles Lee Ray. And that there would be more celebrity guest spots on the show, noting Martin Short and Catherine O’Hara in particular, plus stunning the audience with the news that the king of odd, John Waters, would be guesting on the show as the dollmaker who made Chucky in the first place!

The panel went on to have plenty of outtakes and favorite moments from the main cast and the newcomers, along with audience Q&A and the inevitable replay of the rather bloody trailer, much to the die-hard fans in the audiences’ delight!

Chucky Season 3 Part 2 will air on the SyFy Channel and USA on April 10th 2024!