Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: June 24, 2011
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Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: Warner Bros.

MPAA Rating: PG 13

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

Review Rating: 8 Question Marks

After waking from an accident-induced coma, a man finds himself completely unknown to everyone including his wife, and sets out to discover the conspiracy behind the Unknown.

Doctor Martin Harris and his lovely blonde wife are attending a Biotechnology summit in Berlin, where Dr. Harris is supposed to give a keynote presentation. His briefcase is left at the airport, and when Dr. Harris discovers this, without even actually entering the hotel mind you, turns promptly around and hails a taxi to go collect it. And of course, on that rather tense ride, there’s an accident and the taxi goes arse over teakettle into a river, where the taxi driver fishes herself and Dr. Harris, now Unknown, out. Off he goes to a hospital, where he’s in a coma for four days, only to wake and find, when he goes back to the hotel and his wife, that he’s been replaced. Another man is wandering about using his name and schmoozing his wife, preparing to give the keynote speech at the summit, and Unknown can’t figure this lot out at all. Thus begins a race against the men (and women) in the shadows, trying to stop Unknown from discovering the truth about himself!

I actually can’t say anything other than that, simply because ANYthing else would be a spoiler. The movie has key plot points throughout, hell there’s even one at the very beginning, so pay attention already. Neeson’s stoic strength and determination, reminiscent of Rob Roy, give true depth to a movie that otherwise would have bombed without him frankly. January Jones of Mad Men and X-Men First Class fame stars as the Wife, Elizabeth, and I personally think her arrogance came across a little too well. Diane Kruger, of Inglorious Basterds and National Treasure fame, gives a command performance as Bosnian refugee taxi driver Gina. And in true “oh crap the Devil just walked in” fashion, Frank Langella delivers a creepy performance as Rodney Cole, one of the Black Hats.

This movie is actually very good and showcases Liam Neeson’s talents to a very strong degree. Unknown is what Taken, also starring Neeson, tried so very hard to be and failed pretty miserably. Unknown gets itself an aware rating of 8 Question Marks!