Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: September 25, 2017
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Show: The Orville

Creator: Seth MacFarlane

Type: Space Adventure

Review by: Jay Andrews Tracy

The Orville is a Gene Roddenberry style space adventure that is created by Seth McFarlane. This is a space television series that brings back the old style of Star Trek that is set 400 years in the future. With different aliens, species, and adventures, the Orville is already a classic adventure from the beginning episode.

The jokes are funny, pretty crafty, and the plot is well written, and has a feel to the original series. This is something that television has needed for a while. With shows coming and going, I just hope this one doesn’t get cancelled, and has continued writing support for the excellent entertainment.

The ships design is one of the most awesome looking spacecrafts in a Sci-Fi series ever created. It is sleek, and the technology is just awesome. The greatest thing about the ship is that it has stairs, not sure if any other ship has ever had stairs before. The only down side to having stairs is that getting anywhere on the ship is going to take forever!

The pilot was a highly delivering first episode. Where the characters had time to develop and they can show their true feelings. As for Captain Ed (Seth McFarlane), his former wife Kelly (Adrianne Palicki) who cheated on him with an alien that has blue stuff that comes out of his eyes, ends up as his first officer. The Orville leaves space dock similar to the ever-popular Star Trek series, and is very dramatic that it does so.

There is not much for technology of the ship, or the crew, on the show thus far. I hope that there is some actual science behind the show, since most of the stuff that was designed for Star Trek, ended up as an actual reality. We had designs of cell phones, flip phones to be exact, come from the original series, and tri-corder type devices come from The Next Generation. There is much more technology that the Star Trek series has brought into existence.

The alien species that is portrayed in the series is just brilliant. The second episode has a Zoo-Menagerie of different alien types where the Captain and his ex wife are trapped and had to deal with their previous marriage so that the aliens can enjoy them and see how the human and other species interact. This was a great second episode, and is worth the time to check out.

Overall the series is off to a great start; there are plenty of bad reviews for this show, and I don’t understand why that should be. There has not been great Sci-Fi spaceship television for a long time, and this is something that the world needs. It does cover certain issues that are in today’s society, but so did Star Trek. I don’t see why people have a problem with this.

I hope this show develops into something great. I hope it stays on TV with many seasons; most shows that have come out lately have been cancelled due to lack of viewerships. So far it has the reviewers say it needs to stay on the air. The Orville has been moved from its original night to Thursday nights now,  hopefully this time slot attracts more people to watch.

Catch that badass spaceship The Orville on FOX, Thursdays @ 9/8c!