The Hangover

That tiger belongs to Mike freaking Tyson!

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: March 16, 2022 (URL is not
Available on: Netflix
Content release date: 2009-06-05

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Review Rating: 7

Three groomsmen lose the groom during an extra wild night of partying in Las Vegas, and have to retrace their adventures of the previous night to find him.

This is a bit of a hit and miss comedy – it has it’s moments, but after all the cute little and big surprises have been explained, there’s no real need (or desire) to see it again. Meet Doug, played by Justin Bartha of National Treasure fame, preparing to get married and of course obliged to play out the bachelor role for one insane night through Vegas…or so he thought. Then there’s his friend Stu, played by Ed Helms, repressed and trod on by his strong-willed girlfriend while protesting he’s a doctor (not a dentist). Brad Cooper stars as Phil, schoolteacher and husband, yearning for those old days of partying like the night would never end. Zach Galifianakis stars as Alan, oddball idiot savant of the group, who almost always knows exactly the right thing to say to make everyone uncomfortable. And whom, as well meaning as it might supposedly be, is actually responsible for the drunken state that the groomsmen start off the wild night with!

There’s a tiger in the hotel bathroom that belongs to Mike Tyson, a baby with no owner in the closet, a naked Chinese man in the trunk of a car, a missing tooth (never dare a drunk dentist), and a whole slew of other clues to lead the party boys back through their adventures. Of course, wrapping the movie up with a camera and outtake scenes at the very end, well, we could have just skipped the movie itself and watched those. The poker playing idjit genius was a bit much, I find it very hard to believe that if Alan could have done that before, he hasn’t already. Towards the end when the repressed Stu finally tells off his girlfriend, was pretty good. (Although next time, don’t do it out loud at your best friends wedding.) And what actually happened to poor Doug, where he was that whole time and how it affects his aisle time, is actually fairly funny, when it isn’t you.

Good for a laugh once or twice, not much more than that.