The Devils Well

He believes in you!

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: March 8, 2022 (URL is not
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Content release date: 2018-01-23

Review by Jay-Andrews Tracy

The Devil’s Well is a Ghost Hunter-style movie that has you on the edge of the seat since the beginning of viewing the film. The movie starts with Bryan (Bryan Manley Davis) and Karla (Anne-Marie Mueschke) who are a newly married couple, who have been into the investigation of ghosts pretty much their whole lives.

This movie has a kind of Blair Witch vibe, due to the fact that it starts off where they discover “found footage” of Karla, who has gone missing after her husband went to the car to grab batteries for her dying camera.  When he comes back he finds that she has disappeared, and he ends up taking the blame for the disappearance of his wife by his family and friends.

The movie is pretty dark and deeply plotted. The acting is pretty decent too, this is a little more above a B rated Horror movie. Whoever had casted this film did a wonderful job, too. The editing, and the shot sequences are pretty amazing, and the soundtrack, composed by Dante Vallee, has an ambient feeling to it. He only has one other movie as far as I know under his belt called Sheep Skin.

After the fact that Bryan’s wife disappears, he reaches out to a paranormal investigation team called S.I.G.N.S., who are eager to find out why his wife disappeared, or by whom. Karla’s parents do not believe in the paranormal, so they are instantly blaming Bryan for her death.

The town thinks it is just a bunch of kids that go to the well, and are scared of patrons that come through there. But little do they know the well and the building that sits on top of the well is haunted. The evil comes up through the well and haunts whoever comes to the well and basically keeps them away from it, sort of a gate keeper.

After all the suspicious activity it is hard to get the town, or anyone else really, to believe in the paranormal. They are more Christian believers, and try to say that the paranormal does not exist but angels and demons do.  With the weirdness that has been going on you would think that someone in their right, or even left mind, would question it.

This movie has theater quality production to it, and I think would have done decent in an actual theater. I hope to see more movie productions from the company, and quality of movies generally do improve with the more movies they make.

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