The Blessed Ones

No room for poisoned JELLO this time!

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: March 10, 2022 (URL is not
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Content release date: 2017-07-11

Reviewed by: Jay Andrews-Tracy

The Blessed Ones is a cult movie, as in about a cult following. The film features a charismatic guy named Elyon (Dave Vescio) who created a cult named Polaris. Polaris is, loosely as it seems, based on the real-life cult Heaven’s Gate and their storied mass suicide that took place in California around 1997. It also has variations of other cults that you might recognize throughout the movie.

I would not say this is a horror movie to be exact, but it is definitely one of the better B-Rated movies I have seen so far. A lot of reviewers give it a bad name, but come on, it is labeled as a B movie, and an independent movie, and it has a good plot.

Things begin with Spencer (Andy Gates) talking to the police, trying to get his name cleared for any wrong-doing that may have happened at the compound. He was just a follower, just like the rest of the people that were recruited. Draco (Jonathan Erickson Eisly) and Nurse Iris (Alex Essoe) have survived the doings of Elyon as well.

Draco is the groundskeeper for the compound. He knew the compounds ins and outs and knew somehow when one of the followers escaped. He makes every attempt to silence them, and to silence people who are not welcomed to the compound or not invited.

There is a lot of plot twists through-out the movie. Some I will not tell because it will give the basis and general idea about the movie. The movie was pretty well directed, and once again it is a B-Rated, cult film. The movie has an estimated $200,000 budget. Patrick O’Bell is the writer and director of the film, and I cannot wait for more films from this director to come out.

This movie reminds me of the 1997 Heaven’s Gate cult incident in California, where the leaders Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles had made their congregation drink a cocktail of poison and Jello, killing themselves for the Hale-Bop comet. The comet was supposed to take the followers to a place beyond earth, as their bodies were just vessels while here on earth, and Applewhite himself asserted, “It was the only way to evacuate this Earth!”

The Blessed Ones is out on DVD and VOD now!