Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: August 19, 2018
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Released by: Uncork’d Entertainment                     

Review by Jay Andrews-Tracy
Spoilers ahead!                  

Uncork’d entertainment Is back with another release. This time, it is with 12 different personalities, and other factors, but they seem to pull it off, and does it very well!

‘Basement’ is not your average horror or suspense movie. It is a movie about a serial killer who has multiple personalities and goes out to kill people and use his many personalities to torture his prey before the main event. He has killed 7 people so far, and continues to kill and not get caught. But the 8th victim is about to turn the killer’s savage world on its head!

This is your standard serial killer movie trope, with the twist of his many and varied personalities. The torture begins when the personalities come out – from clowns, to prison guards, to policemen, and even throws in a detective. He uses the personalities to get his victims to interact with him and if they do not interact with him then something very bad happens to them.

The movie is written really well, and the acting is also pretty damn good. I think that the performances of the movie are on par with bigger Horror flicks who had a similar story. The story turns out that Gemini (Jackson Davis) was abused as a child and it turned him into what he is today. There is more to the plot that you will find out towards the end, and I will not give that away, since I feel that I have given enough of it away already! This movie has not been released yet, and will be released VOD September 14th, 2018!