Syfy presents Lost Girl Season 1

There's a new Succubus in town!

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: March 1, 2022 (URL is not
Available on: Syfy Channel
Content release date: 2010-09-12

Review Rating: 7

Bo is what turns out to be a Succubus, thrust into the world of the Fae without choosing a Light or Dark side, with her trusty gothic sidekick Kenzie.

So apparently the world the Fae includes things like vampires, shapeshifters, and yes even Succubi. Now, if you happen to be a fan of the storybook Fae, or movies or history or whatever, then you know already that they have their own cultures and traditions and castes and clans. That does not include Succubi and the like, who are technically Demons. Doesn’t matter – we go on. All sorts of Fantasy-style creatures are mentioned in this interesting modern take on the Fae world – like a creature from Japan, a Kappa, who is once again technically a water demon (which means something very different to them) and can be considered a Fae, sure. There’s a bar owned by a Dwarf, where Bo meets with a lot of these Fae over drinks.

Bo is a Succubus, sexy and seductive and dangerous, yes. This means she feeds off humans (and others) when she has sex, and has been running from city to city leaving a trail of dead bodies behind her. She comes to some as yet unnamed city, gets entangled with the Fae there, and gets told she’s one of them. Of course now Bo has to decide which side, Light Fae or Dark, to belong to, and give up her cherished newfound freedom. So Bo decides, to belong to neither side, but still be involved in this whole Fae world, not that she really has a choice. She takes up residence in the city in some rundown place, with Kenzie, and begins trying to forge relationships with the various Fae she knows, learn about her real parents, and control her “condition”.

I actually rather enjoy this series, and frankly didn’t expect to. It is SyFy, so the ability of the writers and the CGI used is anyone’s guess. I enjoy the Woodland Fae Dyson that Bo seems to have latched onto; Kenzie has the best one-liners anywhere; and the interesting dynamic between Bo and the human doctor trying to help her manage her “condition” and not be seduced in the process makes for really steamy scenes. The show does rather remind me of Laurell Hamilton’s book series Meredith Gentry, all about Fae royals in modern times. For fans of the SyFy channel and the whole Fantasy/SciFi/Horror mashup deal, this show could be for you.