Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Thats no Meerschaum!

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: March 15, 2022 (URL is not
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Content release date: 2009-12-25

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Review Rating: 8

Sherlock Holmes returns with a brand new attitude, an engaged Watson, to foil a plot to take out key members of London’s elite and eventually the world!

This is a Holmes for everyone to enjoy, and less of a far cry from Iron Man than you might think. Holmes still smokes a pipe but it sure isn’t a Meerschaum, there is NO funny hat, and never once does the “elementary” line get play. However in this movie, Holmes is a fighting badass bare knuckle boxer, and is given a large scale of cheek with which to flog Watson. Robert Downey Jr. breathes new life into a somewhat stagnant story and modernizes it in a way we can all laugh at! Jude Law brings in just the right amount of British stoicism and frustration by Watson at Holmes’ peccadilloes, yet never failing to be the most loyal right hand man any investigator could ask for. In this movie, Watson is engaged to marry a lovely young lady, and of course Holmes manages to accidentally-on-purpose bungle the dinner with them in true Holmes bluntness style. Rachel McAdams stars as Irene Adler, a former flame and fellow adventurer of Holmes, who returns to get them all involved in the big mystery by means fair or foul. Mark Strong delivers a fine brooding performance as Blackwood, leader lackey of the current attempted takeover of London by means of…is it magic, or science? Maybe a little of both. And Kelly Reilly stars as Mary Morstan, fiancé to Watson, and as it turns out quite loyal and perfectly capable in assisting the lost boys in their investigations.

Holmes purists may curse me for my blasphemy, but I think this movie is actually a lot closer to the original Holmes stories, and that is therefore no bad thing. The costumery looks so much better, and is more in keeping with the time and lack of money our boys were apparently suffering. And while we love Mr. Downey Jr. for his moxie in general, the irresistibly dry way his lines are delivered in this movie are actually better than usual. Holmes is supposed to be an investigator that can span time and age, and this movie managed that very nicely.

Returning fan of Holmes and Watson or just starting out, get ready to cheer for the best investigative team anywhere!