Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: October 9, 2012

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: Yellow Line Studio

Director: Tara Stone

Website: Red Line

Review Rating: 7

An explosion rocks the redline train moments after departing from the Hollywood and Highland Metro station, with a handful of survivors against the clock of another bomb!

This movie was apparently made by a bunch of student interns, against a lot of nay-sayers and near impossible odds. I admire that kind of dedication, and in all honesty the end result really does look professional and believable, for a collapsed subway tunnel and a wrecked subway car. My only issue is, I think they might have sacrificed a fair amount of the story for cinematic authenticity. Seeing the hot chick in her shirtsleeves crawling through a space that would make a claustrophobe cry is fine, but I think I might actually rather hear why the bomber did this in the first place. The film starts off with statistics about bombings around the world and how we in the U.S. are ripe for another one, okay. They even have a black Muslim woman and an Indian potential scapegoat, there were tons of openings for twists in the plotline. The one who actually accomplished the bombing (I don’t want to give it away here) barely had a few explanation lines when they’re finally found out.

Despite the lack of truly thorough plot, visually the movie comes across quite well. There is truly the feel of a twisted and wrecked subway car, plus the collapsed tunnel they’re supposed to be in, what with all the crawling the cast had to do. The lighting is good, sound seems fine to me, and all the actors did just fine with the roles they were given. I just really wish they had added maybe 30 more minutes to the movie, where the Villain gets more rants or actually does explode another bomb, or something. Explore the characters a bit more, give those burgeoning actors more screen time already!

As an interesting side note, filming was completed during the Great San Diego Blackout of 2010.