Resident Evil Afterlife 3D

Becuz of course Umbrella HQ is in Tokyo!

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: March 10, 2022 (URL is not
Available on: Netflix
Content release date: 2010-09-10

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Review Rating: 8 Umbrellas

On the hunt for Arcadia, the last safe haven free from infected zombies where everyone should be heading, Alice discovers old friends, gains some new allies, and kicks the Umbrella Corp’s butt on the way!

It’s cool! *relieved sigh* It’s so cool, this movie is. Even not seeing it in 3D, this latest installment of Res Evil rocked my world! I loved the different styles of shooting and CGI used, from the layout of the Umbrella Corp’s Tokyo HQ, to the closeup headshots of Alice’s personal journal as she searches for Arcadia.

I love the fact that they have the army of Alice’s from the last movie storming Tokyo Umbrella HQ en masse, but it does leave the question – if the Alice’s can take out Tokyo, why don’t they do that everywhere else too? Nevermind, on we go. I love the quarter slugs Alice comes up with! Makes sense too – unless you start stealing ammo from Umbrella Corp, I don’t think there’s a whole lot lying around to be had, so make some! And boy do those quarters do the job too, it’s like the ball-bearing bombs from Swordfish.

I don’t play the video games or even follow them real well, but I do adore Milla Jovovich as Alice. The bad guy for this movie was, for me, a cross between a Ken Doll and an agent drone from The Matrix – very artificial but still creepy in new and weird ways. The lady from Heroes, Ali Larter, returns to her Claire role here, and even gets her badass kickass fighting moment against the Silent Hill-style monster reject. Boris Kodjoe does a drool-worthy job as Luther West, former basketball star, and they even left an opening at the end for him to return in the inevitable next Res Evil movie. Wentworth Miller, notably of Underworld and Prison Break, stars as Chris Redfield, Claire’s brother who starts off this adventure in the most secure cage at the bottom of the prison the survivors are holed up in – ah, the irony. Even K-Mart, from Res Evil Extinction, returns as the same actress, Spencer Locke.

This latest Res Evil movie gets a rating of 8 Umbrellas! Alice still and forever kicks zombie and corporate ass, the RE monsters just keep getting crazier, and the cliffhanger ending has you wondering if there really is such a place as a paradise free of zombies and the Umbrella Corp!