The truth comes full circle

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: February 27, 2022
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Available on: Amazon Prime Video
Content release date: 2017-11-10

Review Rating: 8 out of 10

A man suffering amnesia after a horrific car crash discovers he is the epicenter of a radius of death, and a mysterious woman he meets may be the key to both preventing his newfound powers and discovering what happened to them both!

So, say for the sake of argument, you wake from a horrific car crash out in the midst of bumf*ck nowheresville. Aside from some scratches and that darn old amnesia, you appear to be unharmed, so what now? Find civilization, ie other people, and get treated, right? Except our main man, as soon as he gets within a 50 foot radius of anyone alive, and this also includes some wildlife, like dogs and ravens, they just drop suddenly dead, poof-thud. The eyes glaze, the hair/fur whitens, it seems as though our main man is eating their life force inadvertently somehow. And that seems to be the last thing he wants, so he makes his way to a house and holes up in the shed, blacking out the windows and trying very hard to hermit down and figure out what to do, when Jane (Charlotte Sullivan) shows up.

Jane is another mystery, the only reason she’s called that is because these days hospitals generally call blank-person cases “Jane Doe”s, but it seems as though she can actually cross the radius of death and be within even just a few feet of our hero. Whose name, Jane says, is Liam (Diego Klattenhoff). Jane was involved in the same car accident as Liam but had no ID on her at the time of discovery, she did keep Liam’s drivers license however. And apparently the physical closeness of Liam and Jane negates the death radius somehow, so as long as they stay together, there won’t be any more scores of blank-eyed sudden death, right? That’s our going theory.

The problem is, Liam has unintentionally left a trail of inexplicable death behind him, and the cops want to know, really dude, what the hell? After surreptitiously listening to some radio reports, Jane manages to figure out what their next move should be, and our mains hurry off to get some dubious help from a guy who claims he’s Jane’s, well not Jane, he insists her name is Rose, former husband Sam (Brett Donahue).

It may seem wonderfully ironic to have the imminent threat of a radius of death here at the hospital, but Liam isn’t laughing and Rose sure doesn’t think it’s funny, as she charges up and down the stairs desperately to make sure they’re not too far separated by the elevator. The amount of nonsense Liam and Rose have to go through in order to not get separated by the well-meaning cops and hospital folk is just ridiculous, but really, no-one particularly wants to do death globe to a hospital, that’s just a dick move.

So, how did Liam and Rose get involved in the first place? It doesn’t appear as though they’re lovers, or that he’s the one she left Sam for, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Rose, or Jane as she wanders down lost-memory lane, was looking for something, someone as it turns out, and Liam was the most likely person to help her find them. The universe can run on irony, and loves to do inexplicable things to maintain and restore balance, even when we mere mortals can only comprehend it in retrospect.

Part Sci-Fi thriller, part dramatic murder mystery, fraught with unexpected introspection, Radius is a unique story with a surprise ending that anyone who loves great writing should see right now!

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