Netflix presents The Curious Creations of Christine O’Connell

Monstrous love!

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: February 28, 2022 (URL is not
Available on: Netflix
Content release date: 2018-10-12

 Way out in the middle of nowhere, sits this pretty gothic house. Inside the house are all sorts of forgotten creatures and misunderstood monsters, and that includes the lady of the house, Christine O’Connell herself. Christine put back together the roadkill pie that was trash-panda-I-mean-raccoon Rose and made her live again, invited Rankle the Egyptian mummy-cat to live with her, adopts Edgar the lost werewolf-monster, she even has a tentacle friend who lives in the fridge called Millie, and the ghost in the mirror is even played by Dita von Teese herself.

So Christine is everything you ever wanted in a gothic Addams-family version of Martha Stewart – soft-spoken but firm, kind and accepting but just slightly murderous too, Christine can sew her own evening dresses, bake the ginger-dead house of your dreams, and decorate with delightful darkness for damn near any occasion. Christine lovingly takes in the misbegotten boogies of the world and gives them a safe home to relax in, teaching tolerance of the strange and unusual while also emitting strong defense when her guignol of a made family is threatened.

The show boasts 6 introductory episodes, each with a little wraparound mini-story about Christine and her monstrous pals, and then at least two spooky projects Christine demonstrates for us the audience to try. The first episode introduces the werewolf-like creature Edgar (voiced by Mick Ignis), so of course Christine has to welcome him to his new home with peanut-butter pretzel bones, mini-Edgar treats made from rice cereal treats, and an edible cake mansion we none of us could recreate to save our lives! Subsequent episodes involve spectacularly spooky gift baskets for nosy neighbors, murderous visits from family and make your own edible chocolate china, a date night with Norman (Adam Mayfield) from the cemetery and make your own dress with darts, a birthday episode for the patchwork creature Rose, and of course, the epitome of it all, the Halloween-everything episode.

Most of Christine’s proposed projects are actually possible, especially with the art supplies available at crafty stores like Michaels and Joannes. She does reiterate in every episode that her level of art takes a ton of practice and patience, and she’s been doing this for years now, so try not to get discouraged in the beginning. I will state for the record though, to always make sure the tools you’re using to create foodstuffs are as clean as possible, and that I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to use a Dremel on crafts you intend to eat.

All in all, The Curious Creations of Christine O’Connell is an adorable little show for the Halloween-hearted in many of us, and we truly hope a second season is in the making!