Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: March 29, 2011
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Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: Dreamworks Animation

MPAA Rating: PG

Director: Tom McGrath

Review Rating: 7 Evil Capes

After finally winning his lifelong rivalry with Metro City’s Metro Man, aspiring ultimate villain Megamind discovers getting everything you want isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Most everyone knows the epic struggle between the major Good Guy, he of the rippling muscles and perfect hair, and the ultimate Villian, who has to have the perfect cape and requires witty repartee. Megamind celebrates the sheer ridiculousness of such stories, and just how much we adore them. Metro Man and Megamind both have the uncertain alien world beginnings, very a la Superman, with a rivalry that starts right in elementary school, lasts through awkward high school moments, and culminates in the apparent act of Megamind finally killing Metro Man, completely accidentally of course. Megamind now finally has everything he wanted, he rules Metrocity and everyone in it – or does he? Megamind learns the hard lesson that in order to be The Villian of the story, you have to have a Hero, and of course completely screws that one up too, by making himself a Hero out of the nerdy cameraman, Hal, in love with the perpetually kidnapped Lois Lane type, Roxanne Ritchie. And when the newest wanna-be Hero Titan turns out to be a Villian in training, and no Metro Man in sight, Megamind actually has to step in and save the day for everyone!

Without meaning to, Megamind touches on the nature vs. nurture issue with surprisingly soul-funny wit and understanding. Who says because he was raised to be the ultimate Villian, he has to be? No fate but what we make for ourselves. (Sorry, I had to.) What they do with Metro Man is very funny, and helped by the voice of Durden-reminiscent Brad Pitt. Will Ferrell is the voice of Megamind and for once he didn’t get on my last nerve with brain-dead-ery. Tina Fey gives the voice of Roxanne a satisfyingly frustrated performance. Jonah Hill, easily recognizable, gives us the voice of Hal and Titan. And let us not forget David Cross, as Minion, loyal forever and usually the real brains behind the whole operation. Megamind gets a rating of 7 Evil Capes!