Hulk vs. Thor

It's all Lokis fault!

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: March 4, 2022 (URL is not
Available on: Amazon Prime Video
Content release date: 2009-01-27

Review Rating: 7

Once a year Odin has to take a regenerative rest, and this time while he does the treacherous god Loki is plotting to take over Valhalla by using the only creature ever known to have fought his stepbrother Thor to a standstill: the Hulk.

Unfortunately for me, having studied all sorts of faiths including Viking, this movie presents their occult in rather different ways than what I’m used to. And really, it’s unkind to be sitting here picking apart the inaccuracies in the movies mythology, rather than concentrating on the beat-down of a plot. Okay, so poor Doctor Bruce Banner has been transported to Valhalla while Odin sleeps, to be used as a pawn in Loki’s game against everyone. And in order to get full control of the Hulk, they actually separate the beast and the doctor, like literally physically, and toss a really strong spell on the Hulk too, to get him to go out and beat down anything and everything in his path. Including, well eventually after he pounds his way through a mountain and through Thor’s mighty breastplate, all the way up to Odin himself. I just have one little problem with this whole deal…yes, okay, the Hulk is effectively rage incarnate and has no mercy or pity and never stops, I understand that. But Thor, come on, Thor’s a God. If you’re going to present him to me in a way that says he actually can be beaten to within an inch of his life and killed, don’t expect awe of his Godhead. And that does raise another interesting question, towards the end, when Loki finally gets his just desserts: his soul is going to spend a long while, not eternity but still, down in Hella’s domain, which for this movies’ purpose is just like the Christian hell. The question being, does a God have a soul? But yes, I digress and that has nothing to do with the movie.

Not a bad Comic book movie, but personally I think Hulk vs. Wolverine was better.