Hostel Part II

Join the ranks of the killer tattooed!

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: March 1, 2022 (URL is not
Available on: Netflix
Content release date: 2007-06-08

Review Rating: 6.5

A trio of art students are lured to a Slovakian Hostel that specializes in procuring murder victims for a wealthy clientele.

The sequel is actually much better than the first Hostel for one particular reason: the films sheer level of ridiculousness. Hostel Part II doesn’t take itself seriously at all, despite the massive attempts at seriously disturbing and gory scenes. Those of us who’ve seen the first movie (and really, if you haven’t, why are you watching the sequel?) already know the plot outline, and the sequel doesn’t waste a whole lot of time re-explaining it. After the girls have been marked for death and the bidding war by phone ensues, the film just seems to get dumber from there. We have a pair of businessmen who, given more money and ennui than they know what to do with, decide to join the ranks of the killer tattoo’d. And after all that talk, the more gung-ho of the two Todd, decides he can’t actually go through with a murder. Which of course leads to his own death at the paws and jaws of a pair of German shepherds from hell. And rather than giving away the rest, I’ll simply say that of course the one girl who was suspicious and concerned from the start, yeah, she’s the only one who survives. Although how she survives, and the ensuing bloodspray and shrieking, is rather funny.

No movie that has street urchins playing soccer with a severed head should be taken seriously, but perhaps Hostel Part II can serve as a warning to young adults wanting to party in other countries.