Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: November 3, 2018

Directed/Written by: Jeremy Wechter

Reviewed by: Jay Andrews-Tracy

“Gamma, tell me the story of the cursed trunk!”

‘E-Demon’ is a horror film, it’s a pretty good idea. It is about a group of people Kendra Deidrick (Julia Kelly), Dwayne Booker (John Anthony Wylliams) A.J. Spencer (Christopher Daftsios), Mar Petruso (Ryan Redebaugh) who pulls pranks on each other and some push the limits. One of the people in the group has a family chest with the inventory of items that start to bring out the demon that haunts them.

The plot is very simple, and they start things happening almost immediately. The happenings are manifesting from the demon, and they just progressively get worse. The demon Is released to the earth and starts to take over other human souls. The acting is strong and the script is well written (written and directed by Jeremy Wechter). There are a lot of interesting twists to the movie, and haunts get better as the movie continues along. The idea is an original idea, kind of.

The movie takes place mostly online in a webcam style box until the end of the movie, which I thought was kind of cool. It gives it a “Dark Web” feel to it with the guy in the hoodie at the beginning. The movie’s scares are pretty decent, but could have had more suspense to it to build up to them I think.

The movie is currently released on video on demand release date was September 14th. It only has a 3.1 out of 10 on IMDB, and I think that this movie is a bit under-rated. The movie is a bit dragged out, and I understand the film did not get a theater release. I do hope they expand it to see what happens after the demon was released. This movie is worth a watch I think.