Monsters vs. Aliens

I know who I'm rooting for!

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: March 12, 2022

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Review Rating: 7.5

When a meteor turns Susan Murphy into a giant monster, she is conscripted to an elite group of monsters sent from their captivity to fight a huge alien robot.

This is actually a very good movie, for several different reasons. One, the much more realistic version of how your modern person would react to becoming a monster. Two, the idea that your personal shortcomings can actually be used to your advantage. And three, my personal favorite, to embrace your uniqueness, your monstrosity if you will.

So we have Susan Murphy, your typical everyday woman all excited for her wedding day to the rather shallow Derrick. And on that same wedding day dear Susan is hit by a meteor, turning her into Ginormica, as the secret government facility dubs her. Somewhere in Area 5*thud*, Susan meets other monsters like her: B.O.B. the biochemical ooze with less than half a brain, Dr. Cockroach the mad scientist, Link as in the Missing Link, and Insectasaurus the Jurassic bug. When a mysterious giant robot is sent to earth, the monsters are released from their captivity to go fight it as a last resort. This is after the President of the United States has used the Beverly Hills Cop theme to try, and fail, to communicate with the giant robot. The team, using the Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco in a way that would actually work if we, heaven forfend, had to fend off a monstrous attacking robot, manage to take out the enemy with a minimal loss of life, just a whole lot of destruction of property. And when the Alien Gallaxhar, still determined to come to Earth and get the chemicals that turned Susan into Ginormica, kidnaps Susan, the team and some unexpected friends come to her rescue.

Dreamworks surprises us once again with their imagination in a story with a plot and cast that celebrates the idea that your supposed faults can actually be your greatest strengths, if you but use them.