Enter a bloody sunrise!

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: March 30, 2022 (URL is not
Available on: Netflix
Content release date: 2010-01-08

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Rating: 8

In the not too distant future, vampires have infected most of the world, the few surviving humans are being hunted for their blood, and time (and the blood supply) is running out.

I simply fail to understand, most of the vampire fans I know didn’t like this movie, for various reasons – I enjoyed the hell out of it! In this day and age of vampires who walk in the sunlight and sparkle with it, and vampires who attend high school for petes sake, to see a film that presents vampires as the blood sucking monsters they are is a fine thing.

So! Vampires have taken over the world more or less, the military is enjoying their power and bloodlust, and most of the remaining humans are being used as literal blood banks. Sam Neil portrays the head vampire Charles Bromley with fantastic yellow eyes and that dangerously wicked sense of fun he brought with him from Event Horizon. Ethan Hawke, yes I do like that actor darn it, stars as Edward Dalton, vegetarian vampire and you guessed it, hematologist. So it seems only fitting that he, as the blood crisis piles up and the pressure is on, is the one to find or be found by the Resistance. The vampires themselves are smart and have made all sorts of progress to overcome vampiric shortcomings: tunnels under the cities and between skyrises, cars that have blacked out windows and video cameras for sight, booths that sell blood like Starbucks sells coffee, etc etc.

And after plenty of chasing and fighting and blood spraying, Dalton does finally meet up with the Resistance and their more or less leader, portrayed by the ever-fabulous Willem Dafoe, Elvis Cormac. And get this, he used to be a vampire, he found a cure, of sorts. Trouble is, of course, it involves sunlight and potential death! Enter back in Bromley, with a whole passel of military vampires to help, including oh what a surprise, Dalton’s brother, who likes being a vampire and wants to stay that way. So, will the horizon be of the sun, or of blood-red? Take my recommendation, and see a fun romp of a real vampire flick to find out!

Like finding a diamond in a dumpster, Daybreakers is a ray of light (don’t kill me for my puns) in a sea of happy-go-lucky pre-teen vampire obsession!