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I can recall going to the very first Falling Skies panel back when it was still in production and hadn’t even been on the air yet – the room for the panel was a 3rd of what it was for 2012. Obviously, FS has a huge fanbase now, gets a respectable sized room at CCI, and even a review show hosted by Wil Wheaton of all people, called Second Watch.

This year, we Comic-Con nutjobs were treated to a Falling Skies drool-worthy Intro to the Second Season, spoiler blurbs, and they even brought back a cast member we thought had either died or disappeared with the alien bad guys. (Those of you watching the show will know whom I mean at this point.) Remi Aubuchon, Producer of the show, even dropped word that soonish, Tom Mason would be running into an old acquaintance, played by the ever-amazing Terry O’Quinn. That would be John Locke from Lost, for those of you playing Sci-Fi Monopoly.

The main exhibit Hall had a booth where you could get your picture taken being harnessed just like on the show, and in exchange for a short stint in line (at least mine was), and a flash in my face, I got a 3-light flashing Spike badge to hang off the back of my CCI badge – awesome. Plus later, I exchanged my panel ticket for a Falling Skies 2nd Mass bracelet at the Fullfillment Room – double awesome.


Posted by Alicia Glass