Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: May 10, 2018

Directed by: Chris Le

Review by: Jay Andrews-Tracy

Cartel 2045 AKA (Jaurez 2045) is a movie about a company called Gear Side International, who had gone into bankruptcy and sold their robot manufacturing company to the main drug cartel in this future world. They use the robots for doing bad things, and for protection against their enemies, and as you can imagine, it never does any good. Carson Wright (Brad Schmidt) was in prison, and was asked to do the government a favor to be released to freedom, and he accepted the job.  Angel Malvado (Danny Trejo) is the head honcho of the Cartel and is ordered to capture Carson.

Estevan Flores (Chris Persky) was kidnapped by the Cartel to create better androids, and other technology to help better the cartel’s chance on winning every fight. It is the military’s job along with Carson to penetrate the club and eventually find Flores and rescue him from the Cartel.

The special effects are pretty good for it being a low-budget movie. The budget total was reported as only $1,000,000. I am going to assume it was for Danny Trejo, and the special effects that were put into it. I think that the CGI is really good and they look like a box office movie.  The music score is decent, and the action sequences in the movie are pretty good.  The score is composed by Ricardo Castelin who has done other budget movies.

I hope to see a sequel to this movie, although the movie already does start out as a sequel to a previous movie that has not happened, so maybe there will be a prequel! This movie was released June 30th, 2015 and re-released Feb 17th, 2017.  I think that this movie is under-rated and should be shown in a wider audience if possible. The movie was directed by Chris Le, who has directed a handful of other movies.