Stringing organs about like crepe paper isn't funny!

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: March 19, 2022

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Review Rating: 6

A young couple and a few of their friends search for a way out after encountering a bizarre hospital that does anything but heal.

Okay, Horrorfest, we’re 1 to 1 as far as 2008 movies I liked versus the ones I thought were, well, lame. This one, unfortunately, is one of the ones I didn’t like. Autopsy is obviously a complete gore-fest and nothing else, so why really bother at all with attempts at a plot? That just muddles things up and gets irritating for the audience. And I’m sorry, nothing happened with the hugely gorey scenes that I would consider neat if not original, save for one particular moment. Where the boyfriend, who’s still alive mind you, is laid out on the table with his organs strung up in the air about him like crepe paper, and all the organs are still working too. That, was a new one on me and made me laugh.

So we have the mad doctor of the hospital, David Benway, played by Robert Patrick of Terminator 2 fame, which is sadly the only real bright spot of acting in this entire movie. Dr. Benway and his cast of an intractable head nurse and a pair of orderlies who are actually as I understand it, escaped convicts with a penchant for bloodshed. Not bad so far, but hey, it’s been done. And the mad Doctor there, he’s harvesting organs and such from his victims to attempt to bring back his beloved dead Lisette into something resembling life. The main “good guy” protagonist Emily, while looking for her damaged boyfriend, manages to inflict plenty of damage to the psychos in this hospital on her own. But still, the desultory efforts at plot, even the ending, are entirely predictable.

Horror fans will likely see Autopsy simply because it’s included in the Horrorfest 2008 package, but prepare to be disappointed.