Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: June 6, 2018

Directed by: Ava DuVernay

Written by: Jennifer Lee & Jeff Stockwell

Review by: Jay Andrews-Tracy

‘A Wrinkle in Time’ is a Disney movie that is visually stunning. The movie, which is based on the children’s stories, is about a little girl named Meg (Storm Reid) and her brother Charles Wallace (Deric McCabe) who has a scientist for a father Dr. Alex Murry (Chris Pine), a genius who discovered a concept called the “tesseract”, that helps people travel through the universe to get to different planets and dimensions by “thinking”.

The movie starts out with her father disappearing and Meg gets bullied in school because of it, even her teachers talk about her behind her back, and she tries to stand up for herself. She is met by Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon), Mrs. Who (Mindy Kaling), and Mrs. Which (Oprah Winfrey) who help the two kids try to find their father. They have one more person join them in this adventure, a friend from school Calvin (Levi Miller).

Once they start their adventure they are met by other odd people (or beings) they come across creatures that look like flowers, or something that helps them to the next area. Mrs. Which is like the leader of the group, who is larger than life finally shrinks down to normal human size so that they are not constantly looking up.

The team has to go to different planets and places to gather clues to where Meg’s father might be. It’s kind of like a game, and quite an enjoyable one. This movie is definitely for kids of all ages, and adults too. I would recommend this movie for anyone who would like to get together for a family movie night out. The movie has good lessons for kids to learn but that is usually mostly any Disney movie.

There is a scary “Monster” (Dark cloud thing) called the “The It” (David Oyelowo) who is the root of all evil in the universe that they are in. The story is decently written by Jennifer Lee and Jeff Stockwell, and it was directed by Ava DuVernay with an estimated budget of $100,000,000. The made just about under 97k in the United States and as far as I know, there is no plan for a sequel because it did not make the budget. This is not the first time this movie has been released either. There was a version of the movie directed by John Kent Harrison, which I have not seen yet. Give this movie a go if you are into Disney family movies!