Now you should fear the Reaper!

Reviewed by: Alicia Glass
Published on: March 12, 2022 (URL is not
Available on: Netflix
Content release date: 2008-03-14

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Review Rating: 7 out of 10

In the not-too-distant future, the deadly Reaper virus that wiped out most of Scotland and led to its complete quarantine from the world, has popped up in the slums of London and an elite team needs to go find the cure in a land forcibly forgotten by humanity.

Narrated by Malcolm McDowell, who also plays the scientist turned King Kane, this movie isn’t half bad. Certainly not what you would expect from the trailers I saw, but a worthwhile waste of two hours, at any rate. Rhona Mitra of Underworld fame stars as Major Eden Sinclair, the leader of the team being sent into the no mans land that Scotland has become to try and find the supposed cure for the Reaper virus.

Bearing in mind that Scotland itself has been forgotten and/or ignored by the entire outside world, for thirty years or more. Most people think no-one at all lives inside the quarantine zone anymore, barred as it is by a high wall of steel that goes all the way around the island, and the no-fly rule for planes. But there are still people alive in there, and with no real food or fresh supplies being brought to them or made, most of the people have degenerated into chaos. When the team first goes in, they encounter a large group of what look like punk savages from hell, who of course also turn out to be cannibals. (Which I didn’t quite get, as the team encounters scores of cows when they first go over the wall.) The cannibals are led by Saul, who turns out to be the son of the scientist Kane that the team is looking for, and Saul sends his madness and rage out after anyone who dares enter what is clearly, his domain.

After a lot of fighting and some deaths for the team, they escape to way across the island, where another kind of society has been revived, led of course by Kane, who has now more or less crowned himself King. After all, Scotland does have several castles still standing, it wouldn’t take a whole lot to revive the medieval society bit. It rather strikes me as interesting that both groups are still centered around a whole lot of fighting and yet more death, but when there’s no electricity to really speak of and humans need their entertainment, I suppose things can degenerate into that fairly quickly.

A pretty good movie, all things considered. Rather than give away the ending, I’ll simply say go ahead and watch, and laugh out loud when the blood splatters splash across the screen.

Like Mutant Chronicles, Doomsday is a little-known movie that most people will actually get quite a kick out of.